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Dear patients!

Drinking water after each meal is good for healthy teeth. Please keep this in mind even when you merely treat yourself to an ice-cream on a hot day.

“When you feel like snacking between meals, keep a bottle of plain water handy and wash down your snack,” Dr Laura Kullamaa, a dentist at our Kliinik 32, recommends.

The same also goes for eating ice-cream, for instance. Ice-cream contains a considerable amount of sugar, and the “acid attack” in your mouth will last for about 30 minutes if you do not drink water. Drinking water helps shorten the “acid attack” period.

Another thing to remember is leaving a period of at least three hours between meals, and any snack, even a healthy one, counts as food!

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A tooth injury requires prompt and correct actions

If your tooth has broken off or come out entirely because of an accident, it can still be saved in certain cases. Our maxillofacial surgeon Dr Reet Pallase instructs:

  • Find the tooth that has come out and pick it up, touching only the crown, which is its whitest part.
  • If possible, quickly rinse the tooth with cool water.
  • The tooth must not dry out! There are several ways to keep it moist: put it back in your mouth or in a container with physiological saline or with milk.
  • Of course, make sure to go to the dentist’s as soon as possible!

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