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Dear patient,

The 10th annual Dental Hygiene Month puts focus on breath concerns.

This year the Dental Hygiene Month’s social media campaign focuses on bad breath and the prevention of any problems related to it. Bad breath may be caused by an incorrect teeth cleaning technique or stem from various health problems and stress.


You can read more about proper dental hygiene methods on our home page.

Lauri Vahtra: it is easier to prevent than treat

The head doctor of Kliinik 32 Dr. Vahtra emphasises in his opinion article that as a country we will never be able to afford treating all diseases, including dental problems, with public funds. The most efficient way to avoid consequences is thoughtful prevention and consistent awareness raising.

In his opinion, the dental health benefit for adults that is in force today is unjust. It punishes patients by forcing them to give up their dentist to get discounts if the latter does not have a contract that provides for reference prices established by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. However, Dr. Vahtra says that dental service is very personal and intimate. It is not a general commodity that is available at every store and equally measurable.

Patients should maintain the freedom to choose their own dentist and the state should provide more resources for prevention.

You can read the full article on our blog.

Painless treatment

A friendly team of dental professionals and a peaceful environment is necessary to conveniently carry out treatment procedures. In modern dental care, the fear of unwanted pain that causes patients anxiety can be alleviated. At Kliinik 32, we do everything to lessen the fears of our patients and offer painless treatment.

You can read more about painless treatment on our home page.

The holiday season brings change to the clinic’s business hours

We are open from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. on 27–28 December and 2–4 January.
We are closed during the holidays on 24–26 December, 31 December and 1 January.

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  We wish you a lovely winter season!
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